Schema for Schematron Validation Report Language The Schematron Validation Report Language is a simple language for implementations to use to compare their conformance. It is basically a list of all the assertions that fail when validating a document, in any order, together with other information such as which rules fire. This schema can be used to validate SVRL documents, and provides examples of the use of abstract rules and abstract patterns. Elements The element is a child of schematron-output. The element should not contain any elements. The element should be empty. The element is the root element. may only contain the following elements: text, ns-prefix-in-attribute-values, active-pattern, fired-rule, failed-assert and successful-report. should have at least one active pattern. should have a diagnostic attribute, giving the id of the diagnostic. A comes before an active-pattern or another ns-prefix-in-attribute-values element. A comes after an active-pattern, an empty fired-rule, a failed-assert or a successful report. The element should have a context attribute giving the current context, in simple XPath format. The element should only contain a text element and diagnostic reference elements. The element should only contain a text element. A comes after a fired-rule, a failed-assert or a successful-report. An unknown element has been used. Unique Ids Id attributes should be unique in a document. Required Attributes The element should have a attribute.