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Sun's Project Juxtapose provides a framework for peer to peer services and applications.

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Convergence of Peer and Web Services (
P2P and web services, currently divergent ideas, will converge into a single architecture, writes Jeff Schneider, a P2P developer working with JXTA.

Li Gong: JXTA All About Community (
Leading a BOF at JavaOne, JXTA engineering director Li Gong explained which P2P problems JXTA attacks, and emphasized that the project is a community effort.

JXTA BOFs: Community and Implementation (
Raffi Krikorian reports on two birds of a feather sessions at JavaOne -- one on community and one on JXTA implemetations.

JXTA Search: A look at the future of searching (
Searching on the Web is ridiculous -- searching through an index of keywords often weeks old. JXTA Search, the marriage of P2P searching with Sun's Project JXTA, promises to turn searching into a real-time endeavor. We talk to JXTA Search developers Gene Kan and Steve Waterhouse.

JXTA Chat, Sans Server (
Clip2 finds JXTA a powerful tool for writing fully decentralized applications.

The Trouble with JXTA (
Is JXTA a giant step forward for P2P developers? Au contraire, says Freenet developer Adam Langley, Sun's P2P protocols offers little but bloat.

Learning the JXTA Shell (
The JXTA shell brings the good ol' *nix command line to P2P. Rael Dornfest provide a first-look tutorial on how to use the shell.

JXTA Shell commands (
Complete list of JXTA Shell commands.

Inside JXTA (
Dig into JXTA with's in-depth coverage including analysis from Rael Dornfest and Kelly Truelove, and a tutorial on the JXTA Shell.

JXTA Takes Its Position (
Rael Dornfest explains the architecture of JXTA, and analyzes the framework's impact on P2P.

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Sun Microsystems To Acquire InfraSearch; Enhances Project Juxtapose Efforts With Innovative P2P Sear
"Sun intends that its JXTA research efforts in peer-to-peer computing will address the network fundamentals of searching, sharing, and storing information which are key to utilizing the power of the Internet. The technology under development by InfraSearch is a fully-distributed, peer-to-peer search engine that has the ability to return richer and more timely content on the Internet. Under the terms of the agreement, Sun will acquire InfraSearch in a stock-for-stock transaction. This acquisition will be accounted for as a purchase and in-process R&D charges are expected to be immaterial. This acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions. Following completion of the acquisition, Sun plans to make InfraSearch a part of Sun's Project Juxtapose based in San Francisco, led by Vice President Mike Clary." [Source: Sun Microsystems]

Project JXTA: An Open, Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Platform using Java and XML
By Michael Claßen. "Interest in peer-to-peer (P2P) technology is growing rapidly, as shown by the popularity of services such as Napster and Gnutella. Sun Microsystems started a project called JXTA to examine the potential of a generic P2P platform, which is described here." [Source: Web Reference]

The Register: No Joy from P2P vets for Sun's Jxta
By Andrew Orlowski. "From the Sun perspective, JXTA is the greatest thing since TCP/IP. From the outside perspective, it pushes the P2P buzzword button nicely. According to this article, from an experienced P2P developer's perspective it mostly elicits an unhappy "Oh my God." And the tech press? They've declared P2P DOA anyhow." [Source: Linux Today]