The Open Source Paradigm Shift - What I Really Said

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Tim O'Reilly
Jul. 10, 2003 01:56 PM

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It's always sobering to read blogs and summaries of talks I give. I see what got through and what didn't, and how hard it is to get my ideas concise enough. While I'm flattered to be blogged at all, I also worry that people reading the blogs will dismiss the argument if all they read are the fragmentary reports of people trying to capture a complex talk in real time.

The best summary of the keynote talk I gave at the Open Source Conference in Portland yesterday is actually Rob Macmillan's interview for eWeek. While it wasn't actually a report on the talk, I made all the same points in the interview. The difference is that Rob had it on tape, and so had the time to get down all the details.

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