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   Linux FAQ > 9. Miscellaneous Information and Questions Answered
Question:  9.7. What Online/Free Periodicals Exist for Linux?

There are a number of recent additions to the list of periodicals devoted to Linux and free software:

  • geek news. Headlines for articles about Linux, like the comp.os.linux.announce and Techweb postings, and general interest, like Associated Press stories.

  • Linux Gazette. This is the longest-running of the on-line periodicals, and the only one that publishes source code.

  • Linux Today. News and opinion related to the Linux community, updated daily.

  • Linux Weekly News. News about the Linux community, updated weekly.

  • Slashdot. News about the free software community and culture.

  • Freshmeat. Notices of new and updated software for Linux and other free OS's.

Please send additions to this list to the FAQ maintainer.

[Jim Dennis, Robert Kiesling]

This FAQ is from Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, maintained by Robert Kiesling

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