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O'Reilly editor Andy Oram takes the magic out of P2P company's self-descriptions, getting to the bottom of the technologies and business models.
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Tadaaa! It's Thinkstream
Andy Oram profiles Thinkstream and Tadaaa! Sep. 13, 2001

Allcast: New Life for Live Content
Andy Oram looks into Allcast, a P2P solution for live content redistribution. Jul. 17, 2001

OpenCola: Swarming Folders
Andy Oram looks at Swarmcast and Folders, two great P2P developments that go great together. May. 24, 2001

Jibe: Building distributed databases that standardize product searches
Jibe brings P2P to the problem of searching through multiple vendors legacy product listings May. 11, 2001

XDegrees tackles name service and file caching
XDegrees offers a robust and scalable solution to the name service worthy of the sophisticated peer-to-peer systems many organizations are trying to develop nowadays.  Apr. 27, 2001

Porivo: Load Testing with P2P
Porivo takes a SETI@Home approach to a very specific problem -- simulating Web server performance for users in different locations connected at varying speeds. Apr. 19, 2001

Consilient: Workflow Among Peers
Andy Oram demystifies Sitelets -- Consilient's Java-based framework for creating projects that control their own workflow. Sitelets enable different people to work on a project in a peer-to-peer fashion.  Mar. 30, 2001