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JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook: Recipe of the Day
  From the JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook: Recipe of the Day

You want to verify that a text box contains one of the following: any text, a number, a string of a fixed length, or an email address.

Do it now.

Today's News
December 08, 2009

Sending JavaScript to the Client (8/28/2002) Do you know how to pop up alert boxes at the client side? Learn how to use Response.Write() to send JavaScript code to the client. [Source: JavaScript Tip of the Day]

Dice Roller A great script that does what the name implies--it rolls the dice! Check it out! [Source: JavaScriptSource.com news]

Link Enhancer Using this script, outbound links will open in a new window automatically. No need to add anything to the link. The script will also apply a different style to the outbound link to make visitors aware it is an outbound link. You don't have to worry anymore about targets and the appearance, especially if your customers have their own CMS. [Source: JavaScriptSource.com news]

Love Test Here's a neat little script to figure the "love compatibility" between two people. Just enter their names and hit calculate! We are not responsible for any broken relationships resulting from this script. ;-) [Source: JavaScriptSource.com news]

Creating the XMLHTTPRequest Object Many browsers allow the XMLHTTPRequest object to be created directly. One method is to use this snippet. It tries all methods of creating the object until it discovers one that works. [Source: JavaScriptSource.com news]

Month Page If you maintain separate pages for each month, this script can redirect the user to the correct page automatically! The script determines the current month and sends them to the correct page. Neat! [Source: JavaScriptSource.com news]

Info Table JavaScript can write a neat little box to the screen telling the visitor's browser and operating system. [Source: JavaScriptSource.com news]

Critter Thwacking A Critter Thwacking game. Whack 25 critters and try and improve your time. The whole game is fully encapsulated in the single HTML file, so it can be emailed as a single attachment very easily. [Source: JavaScriptSource.com news]

Deploying Coordinated Universal Time (9/29/2001) Do you know the TLA of UTC? Learn the origin and motivation behind UTC, how to use it in JavaScript, and how it's different from the date object. [Source: JavaScript Tip of the Day]

Platform Page Do you maintain a different version of your site for Windows and another for Mac users? Or, when allowing your visitor to download items from your site, would you like to automatically redirect them to the appropriate software download page for their computer? This script does it all, and it's short too! [Source: JavaScriptSource.com news]