ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   VPC DOS file sharing -- NOT
Date:   2002-09-20 21:01:26
From:   anonymous2
Another VPC wrinkle: my VPC 5 upgrade (upgrade only, no OS) does not include any of the additions required for file sharing, and apparently the v 5 additions do not support DOS. When I go to the file sharing portion of the settings dialog it simply says "not installed". Updating to 5.0.2 didn't help either. Obviously people have gotten this to work. What's the trick?
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  • VPC DOS file sharing -- NOT
    2002-09-21 18:25:36  dicklacara [View]

    I don't understand this. The VPC I use is VPC 5.x with no OS.

    It comes with DOS.

    If you have a ligitimate upgrade from a prior VPC (with DOS), I assume that you would get DOS in the upgrade.

    Maybe this is an issue to take up with Connectix -- I have found them to be a very fair and reasonable company.

    • VPC DOS file sharing -- NOT ->Solved
      2002-09-23 05:58:26  anonymous2 [View]

      I solved that this way :

      I had the same problem after installing a "VPC 5.0" upgrade directly in "OSX" but with the VPC4 in OS9
      It didn't installed any "PC DOS Boot Disk" in OSX.

      I then copied the "PC DOS Boot Disk" from the old VPC 4 OS9 installation to the OSX installation under the "Installing Other OSes" folder.

      After rebooting the DOS OS the "shared folder" installation was not present but if you look carefully to the Dick's VPC screenshot you will see that indeed there is a DOS startup line that you and me don"t have :

      Virtual PC folder sharing v4.0
      Copyright (C) 1997-2000 by Connectix Corp.

      Our DOS installation does'nt have this in the batch? file.

      Just type this manualy :

      and you shared folder functionnality will startup and be there.

      The you just have the adjust the settings and continue this fabulous hacking.