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Subject:   Connector
Date:   2009-04-19 09:57:25
From:   Elguy81
I need to know the full name of the connector
which you install the copper wire. Next i need
to know what male connector to use to connect to
the connector inside with the copper.

I also need to know, what coax cable to use and how long. Because if i make it long is has to be low loss. I hear (pigtail cable)

I also saw, gold connectors which connects to the pringles can.

All info online, concentrates on building the can. But talks less about what wires to use, full info on connectors is my top question.. Thanks

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  • Connector
    2009-04-21 11:25:58  registrationsucks2 [View]

    connector: N flanged panel socket
    yes, it's a N-Lucent pigtail -> http://wiki.uni-konstanz.de/wiki/pub/Wireless/AntennenUndKabel/pigtail6.jpg
    this cable should be as short as possible, about 30cm

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