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Subject:   How do you capture a blurry motion in a very bright scene?
Date:   2009-01-22 17:01:53
From:   KeithSull
I tried to capture the blurr image of snow being
blown across the road. It was a cloudy day and
very white with snow covering just about everywhere except the street where snow was blowing across. I couldn't get the shot because
the scene was too bright for my available aperture/shutter selections in Manual. I was shooting with a Cannon Rebel XS with a 18 - 55 mm lense. I thought about using a filter to darken the scene so I could properly expose the image. Is there anything else I could do to capture the shot?
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  • How do you capture a blurry motion in a very bright scene?
    2009-07-15 04:49:12  jodz [View]

    Did you try setting your ISO to the lowest setting possible i.e. 80, aperture to the smallest - 22 or 32, and shutter speed as fast as possible? If you did all of this and it was still too bright, a neutral density filter might be your only option. Neutral density filters ccme in several 'grades' of darkness and the Cokin filters are stackable so that you can multiply the effects of the filters.