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  AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons
Subject:   Thanks for your article
Date:   2008-12-06 06:59:57
From:   yuenflai
Hi there,

Thanks so much for this article and it helped me a lot to code my social network site in AJAX and solve the problem of back and next.. and also bookmark.

Please take a look: http://www.ecpod.com

I am so happy to get rid of this problem now and to have a 100% AJAX site.


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  • back button ajax!!
    2009-11-05 17:47:33  juanno [View]

    hey i put all together and its working!! but i notuiced that in IE8 there is a bug!!! and in your web page also!!! am doing another web page in ajax and this bug in IE8 is driving me crazy!!
    my msn is juanm58@hotmail.com add me to chat about this!!
    pd: i like ur page!!