iPod shuffle Tips and Tricks
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Date:   2008-09-28 13:07:03
From:   rubberchicken74
ok... i tried everything i could think of... and everything on this site, and my ipod still doesnt work... wats wrong?... i have music on it, and yes, it is charged
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    2008-11-17 10:51:34  shuffleluvr [View]

    send it to the ipod company i did that with my ipod and it works perfectly
  • ....ipod trouble
    2008-10-25 20:36:49  tsharese [View]

    were you able to find help? my ipod has the same problems i there's no sound and i have music on it and tried several earbuds
    • ....ipod trouble
      2008-11-17 10:54:05  shuffleluvr [View]

      send it back to the ipod store thats all i have to tell you now
      or turn up the volume