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  PBTOMAKE -- Xcode to Unix
Subject:   *** ERROR no executiable target found
Date:   2008-09-03 11:26:24
From:   jimschimpf
This message comes from the CPMaker.cp code where it is trying to read your project file and cannot find a target it knows about. If you point at your project in the FINDER and say show package contents. You will see a number of files in there if you open the pbxproj file (in a text editor) and look for the section PBXFileReference you will see all the files in your build. In there it has to find the string explicitFileType = "compiled.mach-o.executable" and that is the target executable for this project. If you aren't building that sort of thing then the program is a little confused and fails with this error.

You can see this search in the CPMake.cp file in the method
void CMaker::gatherline(). If you are not building a dylib or command line executable then PBTOMAKE will not find an executable it understands. If you are trying to build something else then send me a note directly (jim.schimpf@gmail.com) and we can see if this is possible.

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  • *** ERROR no executiable target found
    2008-09-04 02:43:12  quentin.arnault [View]


    Thanks for your quick reply. So I checked the project.pbxproj file and I found the tag explicitFileType = wrapper.application.

    To test what will happans, I changed wrapper.application to compiled.mach-o.executable. And a new error was raised:

    -- Parse Done --
    *** ERROR no C/C++ files found
    ** Parse failed **

    As my project is coded in Objective-C (it is an iPhone project). Does pbtomake support Objective-C ?

    Best regards,
    Quentin ARNAULT