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Weblog:   PPTP VPNs in Jaguar
Subject:   If only i could choose default routes
Date:   2002-09-14 12:34:03
From:   anonymous2
Under network prefs go to 'Network Port Configuration'

It says right there that the order the interfaces are listed in the box will be the search order, simply put your local interface above the PPTP interface.

I think that would make the local interface the default route but I do not have a vpn to test with.

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  • If only i could choose default routes
    2002-10-17 11:35:15  afrenier [View]

    This fix does not work. That only comes into play when the machine has no network connection at all - it decides which one to try first based on the order in that dialog. There are some apps out there that allow you to start a PPTP connection (PiePants and DigiTunnel, among others) but none of them appears to work with Jaguar (10.2)... so I am stuck. There is a built-in pptp client in Jaguar, which connects fine but doesn't have an option to disable default route. I have tried the following (in a terminal window)

    sudo route delete default
    [enter password]
    sudo route add default [ip of real gateway here]

    And that appears to work, but after a few minutes it stops working and I have to disconnect the pptp connection in order to get internet again. Any clues?

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