Windows Server Hacks: Remotely Enable Remote Desktop
Subject:   Remote Desktop and viewing programs
Date:   2008-07-16 13:37:30
From:   ludovici
I normally use remote desktop to administer a stack of servers, and I've noted with much frustration there are some applications, services and whatnot that I simply cannot see when I run them through remote desktop, and it seems arbitrary. I use NOD32 for example, on all my servers, yet there are some that I see the icon in the system tray and can open it up, and there are others where I can verify it's running through task manager but cannot see it in the systray or open it up. What's the secret here? Is there some special settings that will allow viewing of everything?

Thanks in advance....

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  • Remote Desktop and viewing programs
    2008-09-02 17:03:03  Grasfairy3 [View]

    The issue is most likely that you are not RDPing into the "console" session (technically session 0). If you add use something like the /console switch(or /admin if you have the new version of RDP, I think it would be RDP version 6) you should then be able to see all of your icons. If you want the full command, I tend to use: mstsc /v:x.x.x.x /console (for new RDP it would be the same but again, replace the /console with /admin. The console session does not really technically exist anymore in Server 2008). This should allow you to now see all of your icons! (I had this same issue in the past :)~ )