Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
Subject:   cd/private/etc does not work
Date:   2008-05-14 08:09:00
From:   beata2

I am new to the terminal utility and have gotten stuck at the beginning of your article. here's what I see after typing in cd/ private/etc:

Kathy-Kelers-Computer:~ kathykeler$ pwd
Kathy-Kelers-Computer:~ kathykeler$ cd/ private/etc
-bash: cd/: No such file or directory
Kathy-Kelers-Computer:~ kathykeler$

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  • Chris Stone photo cd/private/etc does not work
    2008-05-14 08:52:38  Chris Stone | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    First, this article is quite old and only applies to Jaguar. So, if you are using Jaguar, your issue is a simple mistyping:

    You want to enter the command (cd), a space, and then the path, thus:

    cd /private/etc

    and not

    cd/ private/etc.

    If you aren't using Jaguar, however, then you really should be looking at this series of articles instead:

    Hope that helps,