Digital Media Insider Podcast 21: Remixing Tips with Francis Preve
Subject:   Dub mixes
Date:   2008-04-22 06:56:47
From:   reiners
I really liked this podcast and the other with Francis Preve. I just ordered a copy of "The Remixer's Bible", in fact.

Would it be possible to do a podcast on Dub mixes and how to do them? I've always loved Dub, and, since Dub is basically a producer's art, I think such a podcast would fit in well with this series.

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  • David Battino photo Dub mixes
    2008-04-22 10:10:26  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Thanks, Mr. Reiners.

    I'm glad I could share the conversation with Francis — one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable musicians I've spoken with since BT. Please let me know if there are particular dub producers you'd like me to interview.

    You may also be interested in episode 4, (((echo))), which has a brief section on King Tubby:
    • Dub mixes
      2008-04-27 07:59:17  reiners [View]


      Here's a list of producers (and, in once case, a band) I would like to hear interviews of (along with a representative song or two by them (and the album it's from)):

      Lee Perry (1936--)
      * "Well Dread" - "Africa's Blood"

      Dub Is A Weapon (a band that backed Lee Perry in 2006--07. Not sure who their producer is)
      * "Leave I & I"

      Scientist (born Hopeton Brown)
      * "Cannabis Dub" - "Trojan Ganga Reggae"
      * "Feelin Irie" - "RAS Portraits: The Scientist"

      Prince Jammy (a.k.a. "King Jammy")
      * "Jammin' for Survival" - "Flashing Echo: Trojan in Dub 1970--80"

      Bunny Lee
      * "Satta Dread Dub" - "Dub Gone Crazy: The Evolution Of Dub At King Tubby's 1975--1979"

      • Dub mixes
        2008-04-27 17:47:51  reiners [View]

        I forgot Dr. Israel (of Brooklyn, New York (all the hot artists (including Dub Is A Weapon) seem to be in Brooklyn nowadays)). He did the amazing version of "Armagideon Time". He's more drum 'n' bass than dub, but he would still be a good interview.