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  Troubleshooting Printer Problems
Subject:   disk error installing hp 2840 usb
Date:   2008-04-12 19:25:59
From:   topcatsbs
I have a hp5000 machine running xp. The machune is 4 years old but in good running condition. I added a new hp2840 all in one printer on the usb port and all seem to work. When i resarted the machine it gave me a "disk error". Unpluged the printer from usb the computer started up I then plug the wire back into the usb and was able to use the printer until i restarted it. I unloaded all usb items and installed the software again to have the same thing happen. Hp thinks the computer is seeing the printer and trying to bot to it. I went into bios and change the boot order. No help.Any ideas. Hp blaming ms, ms blaming hp. The standard run around.
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  • disk error installing hp 2840 usb
    2008-04-22 13:21:14  Blake101 [View]

    Same issue here. I have a client who is getting a "Disk Error" when the USB cable is plugged into her HP Desktop. What we can narrow down, is it is not a bios update error, it lies with the printer. Their media access slots on the printer itself are being read as bootable devices (check the drives populated and registered in your bios setup... "USB Drive 0.0" wil be listed).

    So, figuring out if there is a firmware update for that brother printer, or finding out a way to disable those media access slots until you are ready to use them... I dont have any other ideas.