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  Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Seriously... Look at the screenshot people
Date:   2008-03-22 18:49:02
From:   garethn
Response to: Seriously... Look at the screenshot people

Omg. Just because you can't get it working. You must have a bum .ISO file or something. Btw how are you supposed to get it working if you buy a copy of the OS, you can't use the native CD ROM, and unless you make an .ISO file in Mac OS X and transfer over then you can't do it. And if you could do that then why are you trying to install inside an Emulator?

It works, the instructions are fine, I did it myself. I even installed natively on my PC

My PC:
2.66GHz Intel Celeron D

Insert DVD, press Enter, wait, loads, install. Idiots