Discovering a Java Application's Security Requirements
Subject:   Help for non-Perl Windows guy
Date:   2008-03-12 09:35:53
From:   KenCoe
Great article. I must profess ignorance of Perl, so I couldn't try the examples without some effort expended on getting Perl onto Windows, etc. Is is possible to translate the into a Java program? Perl doesn't come native on Windows platform, and it would be much easier to just use Java for those of us that don't have/know Perl. Any kind souls out there willing to help by rewriting into Java?
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  • Help for non-Perl Windows guy
    2008-04-11 11:54:40  ae6rt [View]

    Ken, I had a minute this morning to revisit this topic.

    Here is the Java equivalent of parsecodebase, the perl script mentioned in the article.
  • Help for non-Perl Windows guy
    2008-03-12 10:44:17  ae6rt [View]

    Thanks, Ken. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the article.

    As for translating the Perl into Java: it shouldn't be difficult, as all the Java support to sort records is available in (I think) java.util. If you do the translation, would you mind posting it for others to use and enjoy?

    Mark Petrovic