802.11, .Mac, Backup--All Coming Together
Subject:   What about security?
Date:   2002-09-07 15:59:37
From:   yus
It all sounds great and I think it is going in the right direction. Still, I am uncomfortable using the system you describe because my data would travel across 2 infamously insecure data pipes: the 802.11 wireless link and the non encrypted Internet. In fact, while iDisk is based on WebDAV, it does not encrypt the data, therefore it is not secure. iDisk does not move data over https. Apple should really make an effort in making security easier. Then it will see hordes of people who deal with sensitive data migrating. name it, all the "rest of us" crowd to Mac. Also, I think that most Mac users do not realize that while they are backing up their data on iDisk using the Backup program for .Mac, maybe the balance sheet of their business is being intercepted.
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  • Derrick Story photo What about security? Missing the Point
    2002-09-09 08:15:46  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I think you're missing the point of the article. I've noticed that a couple of readers who have commented are coming from "all or nothing" perspectives.

    If you want to pick apart this system for every scenario, that's your business. The point of this piece is that you can use 802.11b and backup for "in between" archiving. This does not replace you're existing secure, robust backup system.

    Sure, I wouldn't use this method to backup secret plans to take over the world. But to save two hours worth of regular work that I don't want to lose ... backup and 802.11b is sweet and very useful.