How to Build a Nonprofit for Your Community
Subject:   Easy NonProfit SetUp
Date:   2008-02-06 08:38:59
From:   Nonprofit
We found NonProfit set up very easy, inexpensive and as quick as 2 weeks through Ocean Grand

The Ocean Grand staff is very knowledgeable in all things nonprofit and will even help an organization to learn to fundraise and grant write! They include Online giving.

Their nonprofit set up fee is only $285 and they also take care of all your accounting, bookkeeping, tax filings, independent audits, and even banking. It is like having your own administration staff leaving you free to do the nonprofit work and none of the paperwork.

They can also handle more complicated tasks like running payroll for your staff, image branding, print media creation, web sites, etc.

They are a breeze to work with and make nonprofit work even more enjoyable than it already is.

You owe it to yourself to check them out

They will even set up a nonprofit outside the US.

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  • Easy NonProfit SetUp
    2008-03-07 13:03:32  Nonprofit [View]

    Yeah we found Ocean Grand also and they rock at setting up the coolest and amazingly easy nonprofit. We were up and running in just weeks and they even helped us learn how to find funding! Rock on Ocean Grand. You can find them here: