What Is Hibernate
Subject:   Is Hibernate Portable?
Date:   2008-01-26 13:49:43
From:   mosheco
Nice article, however here is another intreseting article trying to answer the question Is Hibernate Portable?

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  • James Elliott photo Is Hibernate Portable?
    2008-01-26 14:13:17  James Elliott | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Thanks for the link. I wonder how many people choose Hibernate on that basis? And then run into trouble? If you've worked directly with SQL, you're probably going to be wary of comparing columns to NULL anyway.

    But it would be nice if HQL could pick a standard meaning for the comparison cited in that article (and any other weird edge cases), and generate SQL appropriate to each database. That would make it even easier and safer to swap out databases. Anyone want to file a feature request?