Subject:   *****Moving Outlook Email Messages on PC to Entourage on Mac
Date:   2008-01-16 15:35:03
From:   Tyler@VMware
Response to: Moving Outlook Email Messages on PC to Entourage on Mac

Hey gang...not trying to plug our products here, but i have a really cool work around if you are interested:

I run VMware FUSION on my macbook pro.$79

I run Outlook in my Windows XP Virtual machine.

I run Entourage as my primary Mac Mail client.

I exported my entire PST (2.2gb) from my older machine
saved to usb drive
plugged usb drive into my macbook
fired up my VMware Virtual Machine
Fired up OUTLOOK in my VM
mounted the USB Drive
File>OPEN>outlook data file
pointed to the .pst file
voila, it opens
it takes an hour or so, but it imports the entire pst
then, sync with our exchange server
when you open up your Entourage, it too syncs with your exchange server
all your folders, messages, contacts, etc pop into your Mac Mail client

HOWEVER: this does assume you are receiving mail by and through an exchange server, however, the use of a virtual machine as a medium saved the day

hope that helps.

T.Rex @ Vmware

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  • *****Moving Outlook Email Messages on PC to Entourage on Mac
    2008-09-20 21:12:57  fhmm [View]

    I know this is an old post but I am hoping that someone will read and reply...

    I am in exactly this situation, where importing using other methods are impractical because the user in question has over 3000 folders and subfolders and PST file is some 17GB in size.

    My question is, how do you force Outlook 2007 to upload/sync all mail to the Exchange server?

    Prior to now, mail was deleted off the server as it was received on the user's local machine, as he is by far the highest volume user in the office.

    One of the reasons we're switching him to Entourage is that his giant PST file was slowing Outlook to a crawl and hopes are that Entourage with different file formats will not suffer as badly from his high-volume usage.