Shoes Meets Merb: Driving a GUI App through Web Services in Ruby
Subject:   Can you zip the file ?
Date:   2008-01-10 10:19:00
From:   tripdragon
I need to see what went wrong on my side. I got to the HttpToYaml console but it spits errors at get '/pastes'
ArgumentError: syntax error on line 9, col 16: ` :created_at: Thu Jan 10 12:07:40 -0500 2008'

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  • Brad Ediger photo Can you zip the file ?
    2008-01-10 10:30:14  Brad Ediger | O'Reilly Author [View]

    You can download the zip file of Shmerboes here ( .
    • Can you zip the file ?
      2008-01-10 16:18:06  tripdragon [View]

      Thank you! Apologies for missing the link earlier
      • Can you zip the file ?
        2009-06-11 00:03:38  hostmen [View]

        Thanks. the download link works for me!