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  Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   80g playing video on TV.. Help please
Date:   2008-01-06 05:40:09
From:   attn2me
I have an 80g ipod classic,and I cannot get it to play videos through my TV. I have tried the cables,and bought an accurian dock from Radio Shack that would supposedly work. My ipod keeps on telling me that tv out is enabled but please "connect video accessory".I can get the music to play through the dock and sound from the movies being played on the ipod, but no video. What is going on, please email me at attn2mee@yahoo.com. Thanks.
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  • 80g playing video on TV.. Help please
    2008-01-17 09:22:47  Number6 [View]

    BTW, the Accurian Dock will NOT work on Classics or Nano Gen. 3. I found out after buying one and before opening it. No wonder it was so cheap.