Windows Server Hacks: Remotely Enable Remote Desktop
Subject:   Remote Desktop access denied
Date:   2008-01-01 04:18:11
From:   sri_sms
Response to: Remote Desktop access denied

On a windows 2003 server, I've tried the remote registry hack and the fDenyTSConnection is already set to 0. I still get "You must be allowed log on through Terminal Services right." This server was built and set for RDC and the admin was placed in the RDC group. Everyone was removed from Deny log on to TS in the group policy.

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  • Remote Desktop access denied
    2009-12-24 07:02:54  Ricardo Fuentes [View]

    you are not a local administrator of that computer or you are not uder the Remote Desktop users group..

  • Remote Desktop access denied
    2008-02-23 22:32:01  Caryb [View]

    HELLO EVERYONE.. I HAVE THE ANSWER!!! After further review (and a lot of trial/error).. In Control panel/Windows Firewall: Exception tab: Enable Remote Desktop. In Advanced: Enable Local area connection, then select 'Settings'. Enable Remote Desktop, and also, enable HTTP. (Http will allow you to web interface a remote desktop, but must be enabled elsewhere if you wish to use this feature.. neat!) Drop me an e-mail if you want to use web remote desktop. WORKS GREAT!!
    • Remote Desktop access denied
      2009-06-25 11:33:46  cogtruth [View]

      I would like to use this feature. Where do I enable it?
    • Remote Desktop - Remote user Links??
      2008-09-30 14:14:37  CarolCampbell [View]

      Subject probably well out of date but only just found this site and need HELP!! I am a remote desktop user which links to a server in the North of England. No problems until recently. Now it allows the connection when I enter my user name and password, BUT then the links will not work - a 'hand' overs over the icon, but the normal mouse click will not activate it. It has been tested by the host site and works fine, so problem must be with settings on my computer. Can anyone offer not too technical walk through of settings I should check/change? (Have managed to lose system restore points, so can't do anything involving that!) THANK YOU....
  • Remote Desktop access denied
    2008-02-23 22:27:28  Caryb [View]

  • Remote Desktop access denied
    2008-02-23 22:27:27  Caryb [View]