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  Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   Jaguar Mail No Unix Mail account option
Date:   2002-09-03 16:31:39
From:   geoffsaulnier
Response to: Jaguar Mail No Unix Mail account option

You miss the point! Some of us have fetchmail picking up mail from the ISP's POP3 server, passing it to sendmail which delivers the mail to each person with an account on the box. UNIX mail accounts are a must to be able to read that mail!!


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  • Jaguar Mail No Unix Mail account option
    2002-09-04 17:06:59  geoffsaulnier [View]

    Someone on the macosxhints.com forums suggested using ipopd as a local pop3 server and picking up mail by pop3 from localhost. That works like a charm!!

    Do a search in the forums to find info about a pre-compiled version of ipop3d. caveat emptor: a precompiled binary could be doing absolutely anything!! For all I know, this is currently using my machine to hack the FBI or something... Still, I decided to trust it.