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  Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   ATTN: This doesn't work for the newest iPods
Date:   2007-12-19 23:14:02
From:   hominid
FYI, the iPod Classics and Nanos will not work with this technique.

This method is only good for iPods with Video up to 5.5 Generation. This article was originally posted to address those models, but many new owners are looking for a solution here.

In other words, if you have video capabilities and Coverflow on your iPod (or nano) this trick won't work.

Apple changed the game so you can no longer access video through the headphone jack, you have to output it through the dock connector, and you have to pay Apple $50 for a cable that will work.

They put a verification chip inside the base of the cable where it attaches to the dock connector. Right now only Apple has the chip, but presumably they'll license it to other manufacturer's at some point.

I love Apple, but I think this was very, very lame on their part.

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  • ATTN: This doesn't work for the newest iPods
    2007-12-23 21:08:51  davidc418 [View]

    Just got done hooking up to my tv, works great. I have a 30 gig video bought last year and works great following your hook-up for colors. Thanks so much.
  • ATTN: This doesn't work for the newest iPods
    2007-12-20 09:51:20  hominid [View]

    I stand corrected, new article 12/20/07 explains it all