Deploying BIRT
Subject:   Importing Packages
Date:   2007-12-11 02:38:58
From:   Alathy
While creating a Birt Report using Scripted DataSource. We us Java Script to import the service pacakges.
I have used the Process of Adding BIRT Report Engine to an RCP Application Method. But even then the pacakges are not beinging identified.
Plz suggest a way... For this type of a situation.
Will b very helpfull.
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  • Importing Packages
    2007-12-11 07:09:06  JasonWeathersby [View]

    If you have verified that the service package is in your classpath, try adding the following to your code when using the report engine api:

    System.setProperty( config = new EngineConfig( );
    HashMap hm = config.getAppContext();
    hm.put( EngineConstants.APPCONTEXT_CLASSLOADER_KEY,
    YourClass.class.getClassLoader( ) );