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  Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   can't get it to work
Date:   2007-12-05 19:58:09
From:   rbearfld
I have a 5th generation ipod classic. Downloaded a tv show from itunes, its on my ipod. But I cannot get it to play through the ipod av cable. The one that connects through the headphone jack. My ipod keeps on telling me that tv out is enabled but please connect video accessory. I have connected red to yellow. I can get the music to play through the av jack but it will not recognize that it is connected to a tv, vcr, lcd projector. Red to yellow. What is going on, please email me at
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  • can't get it to work
    2007-12-19 21:27:57  hominid [View]

    FYI, the iPod Classics will not work with this technique.

    This method is only good for iPods with Video up to 5.5 Generation.

    In other words, if you have video capabilities and Coverflow on your iPod (or nano) this trick won't work.

    Apple changed the game so you can no longer access video through the headphone jack, you have to output it through the dock connector, and you have to pay Apple $50 for a cable that will work.

    I love Apple, but I think this was very, very lame on their part.
  • can't get it to work
    2007-12-05 20:01:41  rbearfld [View]

    I have apples ipod av cable it still will not work