What Is Web 2.0
Subject:   Your article on Web 2.0 was like taking a course!
Date:   2007-11-26 16:43:44
From:   HarrietT
Thank you for your article on Web 2.0. I see the term often and had no idea what it was. I just had to enter in the search mode to find out. Although, some of the terms you use, I need to research and become familiar with, I can truly say that your article was a mini lesson in itself. Where do I fit in? I'm an entreprenuer who wants to create a website for my clients.
I want all the features of a 2.0., or as many as I can get. Where do I go from here?
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  • Your article on Web 2.0 was like taking a course!
    2008-02-01 22:13:08  Minu05 [View]

    It shall be of great help if you share your thoughts on web2.0 especially,regarding what you understood from this partcular article as i would like to use web2.0 in launching my own website and dont have any idea how it differs from the previous technologies or whats so special bpout it?