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  HighWLAN: A Driving Wireless Network
Subject:   RE: safety and legal issues
Date:   2002-08-29 06:03:35
From:   coolcheeze
Kinda funny that some ham operators think that everything that doesnt pertain to them is illegal. To determine whether or not the system was illegal you would have to figure effective radiated power after the antenna and I believe that the erp (dont quote me) can be 100 mw in point to multipoint situation. The V2 of that access point is now 100mw anyway. The car itself acts as a attenuator as well.....I just think its funny that some ham's have to be this way about something that is for the most part completely harmless.....even with another service running on the same channel as the mobile network it would be in range for less than 10 seconds if the car was driving 60 MPH. I really dont think that that would be an issue. Anyway enough of that stuff .....cool stuff guyz.
KB8EQN (oh yeah im a ham operator too and i think what you did was good stuff....im a bit of a wlan junkie myself)


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  • RE: safety and legal issues
    2003-11-04 11:40:53  anonymous2 [View]

    Must have been OLD Lids you were talking about because this HAM thinks WLAN is the coolest stuff around. I do like having the freedom to Run 10 watts though with another HAM.

    And on a joking side, I think the best collision avoidence system you can have is to remove all electronic stuff OUT of the car. All you need is a speedometer, break, gas and the wheel.