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Subject:   Quicktime URL HREF Property question
Date:   2007-09-28 01:29:10
From:   DrGspot
1) How does one embedded a Quicktime movie into a Quicktime movie?
2) How does one set URL HREF Property in Quicktime movie so when you click on URL it opens up in a new window but the Quicktime movie continues to play?

Thanks for all you help

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  • David Battino photo Quicktime URL HREF Property question
    2007-09-28 03:06:09  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    @Dr. G: PageOT is the easiest way to set up sequential movies and assign HREFs. But I'm not sure what you mean by "embed" a movie in another.

    Here's a cool little tutorial on HREF tracks:


    Clicking the movie opens new pages without affecting playback.
    • Quicktime URL HREF Property question
      2007-09-28 15:38:57  DrGspot [View]

      thank you for your prompt reply.

      I thought it about it last night and the information at
      was what I was asking for. I will have to play my movie in framed paged

      The link you gave me had some useful information, but many of the links in site linked to the University of Victoria ( http://web.uvic.ca ) were broken.

      Any other useful tutorial sites? that would help me create a movies in a framed page link the movie at


      You efforts have helped me tremendously.