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Subject:   No need to be delicate...
Date:   2007-09-24 11:27:47
From:   AmyHoy
Response to: Perspective?

Shelley, you can claim that the "accusation" of negativity comes as a surprise to you, that you have carefully weighed and considered my words before asking reasonable questions, but let's be honest here. Your tone is far too obvious to misinterpret. People in this industry know who you are and anticipate your response to things they do and say. I expected this as well.

You have silenced or intimidated others in the past. But you do not intimidate me.

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  • No need to be delicate...
    2007-09-30 08:33:06  Shelley Powers | O'Reilly Author [View]

    I didn't claim it surprised me. It disappointed me.

    Amy, you said at your site in regards to this article that you expected to be slammed for this work. That it would be refreshing.

    In other words, you knew this writing was going to be perceived as controversial, and was supposedly expecting strong responses back.

    Your comments here bely such bravado. Instead of responding to what I asked, and what I wrote, you have attacked me, my personality, and implied that other "People in the industry" know all about me and my wicked, evil ways.

    I have to ask: now who is it who has introduced a negative tone into this discussion? Who has resorted to personal attacks?

    As for 'silenced or intimidated others', what an absurd thing to say.