I Don't Like Articles about Women in Technology
Subject:   Perspective?
Date:   2007-09-15 15:54:03
From:   shelleyp
Response to: Perspective?

Have you considered asking her about her intent, rather than just assuming she is trying to insult the entire women's rights movement?

That's the whole point of comments, isn't it? And since the discussion seems to have boiled down to a disagreement on what Amy meant, and Amy is not participating in the comments, time to move on.

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  • Perspective?
    2007-09-16 09:19:34  kollivier [View]

    That's the whole point of comments, isn't it?

    I agree they should be, but often they're used for other things - to express anger and frustration, criticize, argue, etc. I was asking which was the focus of your posts.

    In my experience, a lot of arguments start out as misunderstandings, and then everyone gets so worked up that any chance of the misunderstanding getting resolved goes out the window. Once you realize that's the situation, there's really only two options left - you can either back out, or keep duking it out until you're completely exhausted, with nothing to show for it.

    Anyway, as you say, moving on.