I Don't Like Articles about Women in Technology
Subject:   Perspective?
Date:   2007-09-15 07:21:44
From:   shelleyp
Response to: Perspective?

I may be misinterpreting what Amy has had to say. All I can do is respond to the words I see.

Have you had many people 'play' the so-called discrimination card? I've been in the industry almost 23 years (yeah, almost as long as Amy has been alive) and I've not once seen anyone play any kind of discrimination card. But I have seen discrimination.

I have also seen women burn out on the field. I don't know whether Amy would consider that they've 'giving' up in some cowardly fashion, but the women I've seen who have burned out have done so because they got tired after fighting such battles for decades.

Should we, as women, accept that it is our lot in life to have to fight twice as hard to be heard? That rather than point out such inequity, we should just put in that extra effort? As I said earlier, how every comfortable for those who support the status quo.

I don't consider such 'not rocking the boat' working towards success. I call it the ultimate cop out. By giving in to the inequality, we're feeding the machine; we're keeping it going at the expense of other women, whether they are our peers or the young women entering the field, like Amy.

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  • Perspective?
    2007-09-15 14:37:59  kollivier [View]

    I may be misinterpreting what Amy has had to say. All I can do is respond to the words I see.

    Have you considered asking her about her intent, rather than just assuming she is trying to insult the entire women's rights movement? Have you asked her whether her intent is to encourage the status quo? Do you consider it even possible that she, actually, realizes something that you don't? I think you can do a lot more than simply respond to what you thought she said. You can question your interpretation, and give her the benefit of the doubt.

    I actually read her words much differently than you did, which means that at least one of us must have misunderstood the point she was trying to make. From a lot of your statements, I really think you're taking her words out of context and ascribing new meanings to them. For example, you pull out the word 'whining' then you change the context its used in - e.g. "to describe the entire women's rights movement as 'whining'" That would be something that Amy did not do. You merely said she did, which is different from her actually saying it herself.

    Anyway, regarding the rest of your post, you ask whether or not women should accept the status quo, as if anyone ever suggested that they should. You also discuss things like how difficult fighting discrimination is, as if someone suggested it wasn't or worked to trivialize that. None of these things were ever actually said. You just assumed that we could only say what we did if we felt that way. Which, honestly, is a wrong assumption. So I'm not sure where the discussion can go from here so long as you continue to hold those assumptions.