Inspiration: Pass It On
Subject:   Power of Visibility
Date:   2007-09-14 08:34:37
From:   JulieLerman
"My first goal is to be more visible, so I can set an example and inspire someone else, just as Mrs. Roberts did for me."

Yes! Yes! Yes! (grin) This is really the reason that I care how many women speakers there are at a conference and how many women's names are on the cover of MSDN Magazine. To me it says "no, you are not an alien and yes, you are in the right room".

"Why? Do you need a guy to tell you you're a jackass?" Still laughing...

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  • Power of Visibility
    2007-09-14 23:45:43  bloggsie45 [View]

    Sometimes people need reminding what Ada Lovelace [1] and Rear-Admiral Grace Hopper [2] actually did.