Quick and Clean PHP Forms
Subject:   great article
Date:   2007-09-13 11:28:45
From:   will_macdonald
This is VERY similar to the methods I use, even down to looping over the array of results in the process data function.

It saves a ton of time when making a CMS.


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  • great article
    2007-09-13 11:45:22 [View]

    Thanks for the feedback. Its reassuring to hear that others are using HTML_QuickForm in very similar ways.

    I have really only used HTML_QuickForm on smaller jobs like the contact form example, and would be interested to know how it scales to bigger jobs and at what point employing a fuller framework like CakePHP (or whatever) might make more sense.
    • great article
      2007-09-15 00:00:23  will_macdonald [View]

      I generally don't use Quickform for the public side, but only for the admin interface. I use HTML_Quickform and HTML_Table to generate a CRUD interface.

      I also use ezSQL to simplify, not abstract, the database work.