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Subject:   Dumbing it down for the ladies
Date:   2007-09-13 07:41:26
From:   annaraven
Response to: Dumbing it down for the ladies

Unfortunately, factors such as low self-efficacy, loner stereotypes, and the belief in CS as both difficult and not widely useful, are well-documented barriers to women entering IT. I've made some suggestions on how to address those factors. I'm sorry that you consider addressing them as "dumbing it down for the ladies".
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  • Dumbing it down for the ladies
    2007-10-01 06:02:40  dieselkat [View]

    On the contrary, I fully support efforts to investigate these issues. But it would be far more insightful to look at WHY girls suffer from these issues, and why boys do not. Why don't boys suffer from low self-efficacy, and the belief that CS is hard?

    Until you answer that question, it's a massive leap of faith to believe that replacing a programming language with a simpler one would make any difference in the female:male ratio within the IT industry.