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Subject:   Perspective?
Date:   2007-09-12 22:21:45
From:   shelleyp
Response to: Perspective?

You criticize me for conflating suffrage and slavery with today's situation for women, and then turn around and demand that we must follow the example of a man who lived at a time when suffrage didn't exist, but slavery did. You set the parameters of this discussion, Amy.

What you're saying, then, is that unless we are physically or legally oppressed, we're really not facing the same situation as Mr. Douglass, we shouldn't bitch, 'whine', or get angry. If we do, then we are being the victim.

What you're saying is we should just shut up, and accept things the way they are. Correct?

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  • Perspective?
    2007-09-13 12:00:41  kollivier [View]

    I think Amy is in fact countering discrimination in her own way. It seems to me that rather than choosing to highlight all the discrimination she encounters, Amy has chosen instead to show by example how wrong those discriminators are, by showing that she's not a victim of anything or anyone. By holding herself (rather than other people or groups) responsible for how her life turns out, she is in fact taking control over her own life. I think the message she is sending with that act is a very empowering one for women and men alike.

    I, for one, applaud her (and others like her) for her stance and actions, and hope to hear more from her in the future.
  • Perspective?
    2007-09-12 23:37:29  AmyHoy [View]

    I wouldn't say that my essay—or message— can be interpreted as advocating for passivity and inaction, no.