So What?
Subject:   So What?
Date:   2007-09-06 10:15:08
From:   Capecoder
I wonder if anti-female attitudes in tech are generational - any comments on this? Are younger folks better than older people at ignoring gender? Personally, I've found that to be true in companies or departments which value actual job performance instead of hierarchy, and those have tended to be environments with younger managers.
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  • re: generational attitudes
    2007-09-06 11:33:28  gabrielle [View]

    That is my personal experience as well - although for me, the change to having younger colleagues happened at the same time I switched careers (biology to IT) and coasts (East to West), so, much as I would like to, I can't point my finger at age specifically. I'm interested in hearing others' perspectives too.
  • So What?
    2007-09-11 02:35:06  hawaiikaos [View]

    I'm 31 and female, and have been aware of the generational difference since I started working in the industry (while still in college) in 1995. In my general experience, males who are currently 40 and above usually treat women with marked difference from men - I've often felt totally invisible around them. Gen X males and younger almost always treat women with equality and respect - skills and talent trump gender/age/hierarchy. I don't know enough women in IT to make a judgment about their attitudes. Of course there are exceptions, but the divide seems rather stark. Personally, I think this has a lot to do with the women's rights movement in the 70s. Those of us born in the 70s and later (male and female) were largely not officially indoctrinated with any concept that men and women were supposed to have different roles in society. Some of that dogma lingers, but overall, the cultural shift towards equal rights for women (no matter how slow) has been quite successful IMHO.