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Subject:   Re: Disappointed
Date:   2007-09-06 07:14:49
From:   andyo
Response to: Re: Disappointed

chromatic, the "laid-back" delivery works for someone who is already recognized as a leader in some way. I think the women who report being ignored are behaving appropriately and not being treated appropriately in return. I remember a smart programmer from Poland telling me that the way meetings were conducted in a company I was in made it difficult for foreigners with a modest command of English to participate. Foreigners him needed a little extra time to formulate what they wanted to say, and by the time he did so the conversation had rushed on. (This may also be a Northeast Coast US phenomenon.) I think we all need to be open to everyone with ideas. As a lot of the business writers tell us in popular books, the idea that will propell your organization is likely to come from someone you don't expect.
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    2007-09-07 21:59:39  chromatic | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Andy, I'm certainly not suggesting that being laid back is appropriate for everyone. Your point that people who are already successful can speak softly and carry a lot of weight is a good one.