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Subject:   Re: A Disappointing Start
Date:   2007-09-05 07:29:34
From:   cwade
Response to: A Disappointing Start

I had a similar misinterpretation as you did, when I read the press release, where coders, programmers, designers and developers were mentioned, but not technicians, engineers, sysadmins, etc.. But Capecoder, you yourself began by saying "'Technology' is a big tent," which it certainly is. However, having learned from my own mistaken estimation, I don't think Leslie meant to represent us all; her statement about coding is purely a personal opinion, shared by only as many female techs as it applies to, and not at all to the ones it doesn't.

It just so happens I agree with her sentiment, but I surely know that sentiment doesn't apply globally to women techs. I think this series exists for us to express the range of our predilections, without judgment. Software runs on machines, teams run on organization, development runs on coffee (heh), etc. -- all the parts are equally least in my eyes! What would be so terrible about O'Reilly branching out from a development focus, to the cream of the crop of all commentary on technology, with women leading the charge of diversity? How awesome is that? :-D

-- Carol Wade

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  • Tatiana Apandi photo Re: A Disappointing Start
    2007-09-05 08:16:13  Tatiana Apandi | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    My idea for this series was to encompass as many different facets of this world as possible. There are many roles women play within the field of technology. You will be hearing from women who are retired, women who are just starting their careers (which are going to be quite varied), and women who have reached amazing status.
    I think it's a gift to be able to walk in anyone's shoes for awhile. I hope to give you that gift about 30+ times during this series...