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Subject:   Emacs: Meta-Control, how to do it in Terminal?
Date:   2007-09-02 15:03:00
From:   Antonio666
Response to: Emacs: Meta-Control, how to do it in Terminal?

I don't think that the question was about anything under X11... It's about Terminal.app, which is not an X11 application.

I also have been very frustrating by its inability to send the Control+Meta combination. As far as I can tell, there isn't a *single* terminal emulator that runs under OSX capable of sending it. My everyday work requires me to use a console emacs through an ssh connection, so being able to type it is very important. (The alternative is to a highly unergonomic need to press ESC every other keystroke!).

If anyone figures out a fix, I'd *love* to hear it!



[In the meantime, I'll try that X11 trick. It might be the next best thing...]

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  • Emacs: Meta-Control, how to do it in Terminal?
    2007-10-05 02:19:56  aguest [View]

    You can try pressing "Esc" then Control-anotherkey, it's cumbersome but should work.

    If you look with Google you should find some config examples where are redefine a lot (all?) of terminal keys combinations (and the equivalent binding inside Emacs), but i don't recall if Meta-Control could be flawlessly integrated...