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  Linux vs. BSD, What's the Difference?
Subject:   Where do I find a BSD without Slices
Date:   2007-08-24 18:56:14
From:   cheshire_cat
Ive installed several different BSD releases but each time I have this thing in BSD talk that is created, a slice, and none of my Linux installations can see what is in a slice AND BSD cant see what is in my normal partitions. Not to mention it is a pain to set up grub to boot a partition in a slice.

Where is a variety of BSD with a version that will install in normal ext3 partitions NOT in a slice so that I can have at least one installation that I can use, and have access to my data.

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  • Dru Lavigne photo Where do I find a BSD without Slices
    2007-08-28 07:19:07  Dru Lavigne | O'Reilly Author [View]

    The slice isn't your problem. You simply need to mount the filesystem wile specifying the correct type. To mount an EXT3 filesystem on BSD, use mount -t ext2fs (this also mounts ext3 which is really ext2 plus journalling). To mount a UFS filesystem on Linux, use mount -t ufs. I'm not sure if Linux supports UFS2 yet, this may only work on UFS1. Also, depending upon your distro, UFS support may or may not be compiled into the kernel.