Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   new to macs
Date:   2007-08-22 14:57:09
From:   hadandowa

Not only am i new to macs but i know no programming at all. I can get http://myip/~myusername/ to work with apple/apache message and then my own page - yay! But http://myip/ only comes up with a different apache (no apple ref) message that I can't change, even by going into library/...../webserver and changing all the files in documents to my index.html file - help!
I also can't access anything from 'outside'. And don't know how to change "router" details but have noticed that eg my ip is but router is so how do I make one talk to the other.
Please help in BASIC terms an enthusiastic but clueless user - assume no knowledge except love of macs. (reference to truly step-by-step instructions expecting no knowledge would be gratefully received) :-)

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  • new to macs
    2007-10-04 02:45:53  Ed_Online [View]

    Also... To get to your computer from outside the firewall there are a few steps.
    1. Personal Web Sharing only works on Port 80, 427 & 443
    This must be enabled..
    2. Your router must be configured to allow access to your computer.
    This means you must look at the instructions for the router and set it up accordingly. Look at your IP address assigned to the computer from your router. This is the IP you will have to set the router to allow outside access thru port 80.
    If I knew the type router you had I could explain the steps.
  • new to macs
    2007-10-04 02:35:05  Ed_Online [View]

    The problem is that just using the IP address and not the /~username/ at the end makes the server read the /test/ directory.
    So look in the MacHD/Users/test/sites directory and place the modified html page there. Then you will see it when you only use the IP address...
  • new to macs
    2007-08-22 15:10:42  hadandowa [View]

    ps i have noticed that i get the same
    "Seeing this instead of the website you expected?" Apache message for http://myip/ whether my web sharing is on or off - any suggestions?