What's the Matter with JMatter?
Subject:   Nice framework!
Date:   2007-08-22 11:02:53
From:   ycswyw
Instead of those *EO attribute types, why doesn't jmatter use POJO models with JPA/UI annotations that almost can be autogenerated with modern Java IDEs from databases?
(like models for "Naked Objects 3" or "Domain Object Explorer" projects).
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  • re: Nice framework!
    2007-08-22 20:44:39  eitan.suez [View]

    thanks for the feedback! regarding your questions about moving to a pojo model & jpa..
    like all things, it's a matter of time and effort. i know no3 has already moved to a pojo model. i'm debating whether to go that route or perhaps to leapfrog things by going groovy/gorm or ruby.. personally i'm more interested in features, but many have already voiced their desire for what you just asked for.