What Is Web 2.0
Subject:   Hi Tim
Date:   2007-08-17 15:09:32
From:   Ingenesist
Not to stray too far from the subject but in financial circles knowledge is tangible only within the constructs of a legal entity such as a corporation. With the convergence of Web 2.0 applications, at what point does knowledge become tangibel (tradeable, financed, capitalized, insureable) outside of the corporate structure. Also, Banks enjoy a multiplier effect - that is, thay can lend the same 100 dollars out 5-7 times as long as they maintain some reserve to service the account. At what point would a multiplier effect on knowledge become the rule rather than the exception?
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  • Hi Tim
    2007-09-03 15:36:00  Richard_2 [View]

    The multiplier effect of bank lending is something of an illusion: there is only one real '100 dollar' - the others are just paper promises dependent on rather risky cycles, as seen in the current sub-prime mortgage lending fiasco. Knowledge on the other hand - or information or data - can be copied endlessly. That makes it a rather more interesting & potentially valuable resource, it least to the altruistic, than resources such as labour, capital and finance.