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Subject:   Using Non Sun Classes ...
Date:   2007-08-08 08:28:54
From:   Java797B
Response to: Using Non Sun Classes ...


You can use non Sun Java classes in JavaFX, but you have to keep in mind that JavaFX does not run into Internet browsers. You can develop only desktop applications with it. Just put your classes into CLASSPATH or into /ext directory from <Java_install> directory.
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  • Paul Browne photo Using Non Sun Classes ...
    2007-08-09 07:57:52  Paul Browne | O'Reilly Blogger [View]


    I know that it effectivly uses Java Web Start behind the scenes, but I was reading the link below which says 'quickly deploy rich Internet applications and interactive content on clients ranging from the browser to devices'

    I now know my question should be 'how do I package a web start application for use in the browser', so thank you for your help!