What Is Web 2.0
Subject:   But what about???
Date:   2007-08-04 14:41:20
From:   Dakz
Great article...but what about when I cannot be connected? Gmail is great, but if I don't have a connection I can't do anything with it. I'm trying to find a class of lightweight apps that can perform basic operations and then be web aware when I am back online. Has anyone done anything with that? I can think of lots of applications that today exist as clients that could or should be built with Web 2 tech but they have to provide me some basic off line functions. I should at least be able to author an email and read the email from my last connection while off line.
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  • But what about???
    2007-08-20 10:21:24 [View]

    Try an iPhone -- it connects you with all of these things and more thru AT&T Edge service -- no wireless internet cafe required.
  • But what about???
    2007-08-05 11:16:36  steveflex [View]

    i am jord but how can a student benefit from web 2 its it for important people